After their success on the international museum circuit (Madrid, Beirut, New York, Athens), the artistic duo Antonello Ghezzi arrives at the CAMEC Centre of Modern and Contemporary Art of La Spezia with the exhibition Land Sky Hyperuranion, curated by Eleonora...

Exhibition poster: Antonello Ghezzi - Earth Sky Hyperuranion


The exhibition project is made up of 37 works from the CAMeC collections which have a single element in common, the prevalence of the colour blue. Thus the exhibition takes visitors on a diversified itinerary through the various, even distant artistic expressions;...

Exhibition with the title: BLUE Works from the Camec Collections.


SARENCO, whose “stage” name derives from the acronym “SAskia Retourne ENCOre”, a homage to a fleeting but intense love-story from his youth, was an extraordinary interpreter of the 20th-century international art scene, as well as one of the main, certainly the most...

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