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The Centre was opened with the aim of preserving, exhibiting and promoting the civic collections acquired through the Golfo della Spezia Prize between 1949 and 1965; these have been expanded thanks to the generous donations of the Cozzani and Battolini collections.
Another aspect of the CAMeC’s mission is to host, communicate and study the expressions of the most important contemporary artists, with particular focus on the younger generations, via careful constant monitoring of contemporary developments.
The Art Management plans to create exhibitions with a high critical and cultural value, such as historicisation of 20th century artists and art movements.
The building is the former court-house, which has been appropriately restored to host archives, shows and events of modern and contemporary art.
The Centre of Modern and Contemporary Art of La Spezia is in the heart of the city and has three exhibition floors.

Current exhibitions

The Gabbiano gallery 1968 - 2018
Fifty years of artistic research 












May 27, 2022 / March 19, 2023



Giosetta Fioroni works from 1960s to 2000s







October 8, 2022 / February 26, 2023


Liberare arte da artisti






June 25, 2022 / January 15, 2023

















February 9, 2022 / January 15, 2023





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