Raccolta Battolini

In chronological order, Ferruccio and Anna Maria Battolini collection is the latest donation to the Municipality of La Spezia: it documents sixty years of activity in the world of art and of militant criticism. A critic, writer, author of epigraphs, a passionate bibliophile well beyond the confines of his rôle as a senior executive in the field of libraries, a promoter of cultural events and an organizer of exhibitions, Ferruccio Battolini has historicized the second half of the XXth century in the field of arts in La Spezia. His collection was formed due to his encounters, acquaintances and to the experience of a life spent among artists, as testified by the numerous dedications. Several and varied are the contributions from some of the protagonists of the historical editions of “Premio del Golfo”, from the “Gruppo dei Sette” (Group of Seven), from La Spezia, to some of the most representative artists of the Italian post-war artistic landscape, such as Guttuso, Spinosa, Montarsolo, Nespolo, to name but a few. Works by the masters from the first generation of the XXth century as well as by those belonging to the mid-century and by more recent artists, up to the present-time promising artists, historically document the wealthy artistic tradition of this town.

Permanent collections are exposed in rotation.